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Preventing The Aging of Skin

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

As each and every one of us gradually becomes older we begin to take notice of those who somehow manage to maintain healthy looking, radiant skin, and those of us who don’t. This of course leads to some key questions about the exact cause of wrinkling skin and how to delay it. A number of variables may play a role in the aging of the skin: a poor dietary habit,, or worse yet… a smoking habit. One more: the total absence of an exercise routine. The list that research continues to build on just keeps growing.

The truly unfortunate part of this whole dialogue is that there is, as you probably guessed, a big genetic component. Your genetics do play a part in the composition of your dermis, and how much it’s able to maintain its elasticity and resist the destructive effects of things like reactive oxygen species (ROS for short), ultraviolet radiation, and advanced glycation end products (AGEs). The good news is that science is revealing through new understandings of epigenetics that the manner in which your genes express themselves can be greatly variable and environment dependent.

What science is actually showing is that it is possible for to take control. You do not have to give up and allow your skin to follow some kind of inevitable course. To assume to the contrary is to surrender to a certain nihilistic point of view which is counter-productive, entirely unnecessary, and indeed provably false.

Just what are the steps, you might ask, you can take to stop aging of the skin? One is to eat a daily diet abundant in vegetables, and low in simple sugars. Some fruit is reasonable, but in great excess even sugar from fruits can be detrimental. Sugar forms advanced glycation end products (AGES) which is known to damage DNA, and accelerate aging. It’s also important to get a high intake of fiber (approximately 20-30g per day), and a diverse variety of minerals. Often people supplement with vitamins and minerals, because it can be difficult to cover all of the bases otherwise.

Exercise is most likely the single greatest step a person can take to slow down the aging process. Exercise allows your body to adjust to physical stress in a controlled way, and can enable your body to become more resilient to other stresses. Increased musculature has also been correlated with surprising things like a decreased risk of developing cancer. A combination of weight training and cardiovascular exercise like running on the treadmill are two great suggestions for success.

If you find it is challenging to keep a workout routine you might think of getting a partner, or signing up to get professional training. Having a personal trainer or skilled partner can assist you in staying motivated and largely guarantee that you do not get confounded by the minutia of achieving a sufficient workout.

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